Andrew Robl confirma que ganó un bote de 9 millones de dólares contra Tom Dwan

When Jean-Robert Bellande mentioned a famous play featuring Andrew Robs, who was there at the table, the action on the High Stakes Poker program took a back seat. 

In 2015, at the Aria casino felts, Robl won a $9 million pot against another cash gaming superstar, fellow countryman Tom Dwan, the «durrrr.» 

The two opted to fold after going all-in pre-flop. Dominating with A-K versus K-K, Robl discovered his outs twice on the flip, resulting in a pair of aces and a flush.

«It was the biggest pot I’ve ever won in a ring game,» the American said.

Dwan responded as though he had lost $300, according to Bellande. 

Everyone was taken aback by the move. While actress Jennifer Tilly inquired if the sum was in another currency, in this instance Hong Kong dollars, millionaire Stanley Tang said that he believed such prizes were exclusively played in Macau. 

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